Top 3 bridesmaid robes any woman would love!

Bridesmaids robes are a great gift for your bridesmaids. They are also a common theme for wedding photos. These photos are often of the bride and bridesmaids in robes, to remember getting ready for the brides big day! The robes that are available are comfy. And they also serve the purpose of being functional. This means that you can get your hair and makeup done without worrying about getting your dress creased or dirty. This takes some of the stress out of the big day.


Below is a choice selection of different styles of bridesmaids robes. There are many types offered. these are just a few, and cover the different types that are available and why they are a good option.




These robes can come in many different colours, sizes and have personalised names on the back. There is an option for initials or a name on the front of the robe. And then as seen in the picture, for the position in the wedding party written on the back. This can be a great souvenir after the day. The robes can all be in the same colour or be a mix of different colours based on everyone’s preference. There is also a variety of sizes so the robes can be a great and comfortable fit for everyone.


An option is available to have different numbers of robes. This is useful so that it can be tailored to the number of bridesmaids in the party. Personalised robes might be simple, but they are still elegant. Having them personalised keeps a good memory alive for years. It is a great gift and one that is useful.

The personalised robes can be found here:




If you love florals or perhaps are having your wedding during the summer months then these robes are perfect. Florals are always popular and are incredibly eye-catching.


They are colourful and stylish. An excellent choice for a photo shoot or for lounging around in. They are satin and styled like a kimono, so that means they are soft and feel great to wear.


Again these robes come in a set colour or in a mix-match of colours. They are less personal than the robes with initials on them.

However, this does not stop them from being an excellent choice. They can still be personal with the colour choice and are special no matter what. These robes are feminine, elegant and look amazing. Not to mention they are soft and comfortable.

Find your perfect floral robes here:


Solid colour


Solid colour robes are simple yet beautiful. These robes can come in a variety of colours, all of which look amazing. These colours are all great and vary from pastels, vibrant colours, or darker colours. They can be customised to fit in with the colour scheme of the wedding if there is one.


They are satin. And can be personalised but there is an option to keep them plain. This is great if you are looking for something elegant and versatile, that can be worn after the event.

As they are plain then they can be personalised to the theme of the wedding, and also can serve as a base colour for the makeup. This especially works if the robes are a similar colour to the bridesmaids dresses.

Pick up your elegant robes. And remember there is  a personalisation option, here:  




Bridesmaids robes may not be something that every woman is aware of when they’re getting married. or if they are invited to someone’s wedding. they may not be well-known but they do serve a practical purpose as well as looking good. They are useful to get ready in and to spend the morning in before the wedding to stay comfortable. And it means that a photo shoot can be had before everyone is in their dresses.


These robes look great and are super comfortable, you might never want to wear anything else!


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