Types of Robes to Consider Buying for your Bridesmaids

Most of our favorite pictures from weddings have got to be pictures of the bride and her girls getting ready on the wedding morning. And of course kitted in beautiful bridal robes. The bridal and bridesmaid robes are as much a part of weddings these days as the cake and the band. And it’s not hard to see why when you look at the gorgeous range of robes out there to be snapped up. Below are classic types of robes to consider getting for you and the ladies as you prepare for the biggest day of your life.

Old Hollywood glamor: Silk robes

Silk is a natural fiber and is the best nature can offer. Silk has good insulation properties. Meaning it provides warmth in winter and keeps you cool in summer. It comes in different weights and may be transparent or opaque. It also feels wonderful to wear, has a lovely drape and reflects the light. I would suggest choosing silk, especially if you have the patience for washing silk (you will most likely have to dry clean your silk robe). If dry cleaning is not your thing, look for good quality polyester or rayon robes. Rayon is another great alternative fabric often found in vintage robes.

Femme fatale: Lace and sheer robes

With exquisite, contrasting elements of light and shade, nothing says femme fatale more than a lace or sheer fabric robe. The best robes are those which use lace combined with a sheer fabric. Considering these robes are light and transparent, their use is quite specific. They are usually worn in the boudoir. However, layered with a chemise or pajamas in the warmer months, this could be a suitable summer robe for lazy mornings.

Heart warmers: Winter Robes

During winter time, robes take on a different role by shielding you from the elements. Specifically inspiring you to get out of bed in the morning and face the cold. If you only wear robes during the winter months, then consider buying the warmest, most beautiful, and most luxurious robe you can find. Ideal fabrics for a winter robe include wool (cashmere wool being especially luxurious), cotton blends, and velvet. Microfiber is a synthetic fabric but is also ideal for an easy care robe. Heavier-weight silk can make a nice winter robe. But this depends on how cold your winter is and what you’re wearing underneath.

Art decor fancy: Printed, embroidered and textured robes

Whilst printed, embroidered and textured robes may not be as common or popular as plain robes, they can be a welcome change. Embroidered robes with fringing are especially suitable for lounging. In robes such as these, contrasting textures and trims are key to defining the look. You and your bridesmaids can be enveloped in a floral garden of fabulousness.

Cozy, comfy: Chenille Robes

Chenille has grown quickly in popularity as a robe fabric. Micro-chenille is particularly desirable as a robe fabric due to its ultra-insulating 100 percent polyester composition. Be aware that the quality of chenille varies widely. Since both superior and inferior types look exactly the same, be sure to feel a sample of the fabric. Ensure it has the softness and light weight of a better quality chenille.

Light and breezy: Microfiber Robes

Versatile microfiber is a combination of the light, breezy feel of silk and the breathable quality of cotton. Manufactured with fibers far smaller than human hairs, microfiber can be woven into a luxurious, sleek suede finish. Or better still whipped into millions of tiny loops to create superior water absorbency and softness. Available in several weights and textures, microfiber robes are perfect for after-shower use. It can also perfect for comfy lounging.

Luxury: Velour Robes

This robe has a luxurious look and feel. Velour is a medium-weight fabric which is closely woven and then pile-cut to create a thick plush surface. It can be made from cotton, synthetic materials or a blend. It is warm, comfortable, allows for movement, and is generally considered an easy care fabric.

Kimono Robes 

The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment. It has come to denote full-length robes. It is a T-shaped, straight-lined robe worn so that the hem falls to the ankle. It has with it attached collars and long, wide sleeves. They’re wrapped around the body and secured by a sash called an obi, which is tied at the back. Today the kimono is worn by brides and their bridesmaid on the morning of the wedding during preparation and for a photo session.

Wearing luxurious robes all day while you and your girls get ready makes photos of your big day pop! Coordinate your robes to match your wedding colors. Choose fabrics that complement each other or let each girl’s individuality shine with a fabric personal to them. Robes are always a great way to give your bridesmaids a gift they will use long after your big day. And it allows you all get ready with cohesive, feminine look.

Personalized Bride and Bridesmaids Waffle Robes for the Perfect Vegas Experience

The perfect Las Vegas experience, of course, has to do with a completely subjective point of reference. Amid the great hotels, the extravagant casinos, and the exciting floor shows, there is a bevy of other activities in which to take part. Not the least of which is celebrating your wedding and all that surrounds it.

The Excitement of a Wedding in Vegas

What could be more exciting than to invite your family and friends to a glorious wedding in Vegas? We love the feeling of this city that so maintains itself like eternal champagne bubbles. Leaving you feeling ready and excited no matter what the hour of day or night. Vegas is unique, whether you are staying on the Strip or somewhere else in town. And tying the knot where there is so much to enjoy is another way to provide your guests with the time of their lives.

The Perfect Gift for Your Bridesmaids

One of the most thoughtful aspects of bringing your best girlfriends and female family members together is to have them as your bridesmaids. And to thank them for their place in your life, what better gift to give them as they see you off to your next chapter than a Waffle Bathrobe?

Complete and Utter Comfort

Waffle robes are made with a lightweight weave. It leaves you warm when there’s a chill and cool when the weather heats up. In Vegas, you can wear your Waffle robe indoors where the air-conditioning keeps things temperate. Or outdoors in the heat as you bask in the sun. Wear it around the pool, the Jacuzzi, the hot tub, dining al fresco in your hotel room, at the gym, and between spa treatments. Or anywhere else to feel the complete and utter comfort that defines a luxury robe.

Creating a Graceful Silhouette

Made of small panels that are designed to wick away moisture yet hold in emollients. They are made in a one-size-fits-all. You can also order them in plus sizes if you or your bridesmaids have a fuller figure. Special attention is paid to the drape and flow or our robes, making sure they create a graceful silhouette no matter what your size or shape.

 Made With Loving Care

The robes are made with loving care. This is shown by the profound attention given to the production and manufacture of every item. Every product is created to stand up to the strictest of prerequisites. And the proof that it does is in each robe’s durability, workmanship, and exceptional styling.

Something to Cherish Forever

When planning your wedding, don’t leave out one of the most important elements. Which is providing for those near and dear to you. By ordering beautiful Waffle bathrobe, you will be giving your bridesmaids a gift that they will cherish forever.

Customized with a Special Design

Always keeping your wedding in mind is easy when you have your Waffle robes customized with a special design, logo, or emblem. Something that best represents your special day. Place the initials of you, your husband-to-be and your bridesmaid on these robes. Then you have something that is even more personalized.

Here are some brief descriptions of the Waffle styles you will find:

 The Kimono Waffle

For the ultimate in femininity, there is nothing like a kimono. Think about the Geishas in Japan and you will have the picture of graceful women wearing this eternal style. Designers have taken the basic structure of the kimono and turned it into a robe that is as contemporary as it is classic. Adding diamond or seashell shaped panels to better absorb moisture. Order it with the optional piping to match your wedding color scheme and you will be presenting your bridesmaids with a robe of extreme elegance. You can get it in either 67% cotton or 33% polyester or in 100% cotton.

The Knit Waffle

Here you have a cozy robe that creates a true movie star look. Made with 45% modal fibers, 45% cotton, and 10% polyester, you can have your choice between Kimono styling and a shawl collar with a sumptuous roll up cuffs. Choose the sewn piping as an option, and of course, don’t forget to get your customized embroidery design.

 The Organic Lightweight Waffle

Many Brides are selecting this organic lightweight bathrobe that is created with no GMO seeds and without any toxins. This 100% certified organic cotton robe is lightweight yet incredibly sumptuous. It is perfect for draping around the body as you sip champagne by the wet bar or pool. If you are concerned about any type of skin irritation, or if you or any of your bridesmaids are prone to allergies or asthma, this is a perfect choice.

Ordering personalized bride and bridesmaids waffle robes are the ideal way to perfect your experience in Vegas. Highlight the occasion, and watch the joy as your wedding party dons robes that are glamorous, sensual, and in such high demand.

Why Bridesmaid Robes are Awesome Gift Ideas

It’s not news that planning a wedding is unbelievably stressful. With so much that needs to be considered like the type of cake, music, decorations and so much more, it is very easy for a couple to become overwhelmed, with having the sole responsibility of making all the decisions. It’s their wedding after all and it has to be the exact way they want, and if not exact, at least close enough. But with all the preparations and the planning, a simple gift of appreciation can be easily overlooked. One of such act of kindness is the gifts for the bridesmaids. Although this isn’t considered necessary or mandatory. It is good etiquette and something that every bride should include in her wedding budget. After all these girls are giving you their time and money to take part in your big day. A simple gift to show your appreciation is a warranted.

Your bridesmaid are such important part of your entire process of getting married. From your bachelorette party to your bridal shower and everything in between, these girls will party and plan with you for months. So to show them how much you love them and how lucky you feel to have them by your side on your big day is by getting them something to show how you really feel. Like the saying goes, action speaks louder than words.
But that is not the hard part. The hard part is deciding what kind of gift to get for them. How do you select the perfect gift for the lovely ladies that have dedicated their time and money to ensure that your big day is successful? Is it jewelry, wine, or house hold items? If you’re having a hard time searching for something unique, yet functional, then you should consider bridesmaid robes.
Benefits of gifting a bridesmaid robe

A lot of brides use bridesmaid robes for their bridal party. But the trick here is instead of asking your bridesmaid to pay for it, buy it for them as a gift. They’ll appreciate you the more for it. And even after the bridal party, they’ll be able to wear it on the morning of your wedding day and continue using them after your wedding. This is a gift that is not only special and thoughtful, but also functional and something that will be valued and useable long after your big day is over. Compared to gifts that may have the date of your wedding on it, these types of gifts will be much more appreciated by your bridesmaids.
What to lookout for when buying a bridesmaid robe.

If you’ve finally made the big decision that a bridesmaid robe is the perfect gift that you would like to purchase for your bridal party, there are a few things to consider before making that purchase. For example, you will need find the right size of robe for each person in your bridal party, and you will need to decide the particular color you want to use. While buying multiple colors is not so bad, buying just one color is advised, as everyone at your party will be in uniform and well organized. A lot of brides prefer white for their bridal parties, although this is not so bad, but can be considered very traditional. You may want to consider a color that is more fun or the color you’ve picked for your wedding. Matching bridal and bridesmaid robes are a fab way to create beautiful memories and pictures of you and your girls the morning of the wedding. Whilst making your final preparations, styling hair, touching up make up and sipping bubbles, how lovely for the photographer to capture your final girlie moments wearing pretty matching robes and raising a glass to your future. You could go for satin or cotton. A coral cotton is not such a bad idea, especially with ‘coral’ being the color of summer at the moment. Or you could go for matching peacock robes. Anything to make you and your girls look fun and colorful. But if you don’t mind the traditional white, then by all means go for it.

Another important consideration that should be made is whether you want to have the bridesmaid robes customized. This can make the gift even more special and personalized. You can have each girl’s name, their initials, or any other message or words you desire written on her robe. This can be easily done with an embroidery machine. There are other personalization options available as well.

When it comes to picking your bridesmaid gifts, consider thinking outside the box. Personalized bridesmaid robes is an awesome way to give your number one girls a gift that is not only unique, but thoughtful and practical. This will ensure that they remember your wedding in a positive way. As I am sure that’s every bride’s heart desire.

How to Buy and Store a Bridesmaid Robe

A beautiful robe can be one of the most treasured item in your closet. The fluidity of silk, the transparency of lace or mesh, that wonderful enveloping feeling as you slip into the robe. It’s enough to get you out of your bed in the morning. Robes serve as both a shield against elements and a sign of modesty. An amazing robe will last you a lifetime, and there’s little reason to skimp on the quality. Consider the amount of use and then divide by the price. You will find that a robe which seems ridiculously expensive may not cost so much over a lifetime of use. Robes are one of those great indoor pieces that fit a variety of body shapes and bust sizes. This means robes are truly unique where most items have very specific sizing requirements. If you gain or lose weight, your trusty robe will still fit.

Over the years, the role robes play have not changed. However, the amount of robes has evolved. In 1920s and 30s, robes were more embellished. In the 1950s, the house robe came into fashion. Many movie stars popularized versions of the robe, their femme fatale style inspiring generations of women. If we can learn anything from the glamorous ladies of the past, a beautiful robe is not just a luxury, it is an essential for bedroom glamour. If you can only have one fabulous robe, why not have one with marabou feathers and a ridiculous amount of silk and lace so that it makes you feel a million dollars every time you wear it?

There are many brands offering basic robes which consist of loose fitting sleeves and a waist tie. For an item you plan to keep for a lifetime, we suggest searching for a robe with a nice tailored shape and sleeves. Comfort and wearability are premium importance with robes. If your robe is too loose, it will not be comfortable or have a good shape. We suggest checking the ties and closures. Some vintage robes have hidden hooks and eyes inside, which help to keep the robe closed. Silk satin ties can be slippery and come undone. Most robes have a hidden tie inside, but if you find one that does not, a hook and eye is an easy addition to make to any robe.

Bridesmaid Robes

Brides and bridesmaid wearing robes on the morning of the wedding day and during the bridal shower is certainly a trend and with good reason. A bride being photographed while getting ready for her big day needs something appropriate to wear, and there’s nothing better than a glamorous robe. Many brides choose white or ivory for their wedding day. However, it is interesting to see some brides and bridesmaids wearing bright colors, floral prints, or even black instead of traditional colors. When buying a robe, it is good and more advisable to buy a robe which you can use and enjoy wearing over and over again, not just something for your wedding day. And the same rules still apply in regards to quality. A poorly made robe will not photograph well and is not worth investing in.

Long Robes vs. Short Robes

In as much as style, color and quality is important when buying a robe, the length is also as important. Consider the length of the robes you and your bridesmaid will wear. Short robes may look amazing on a model, but will not look great in person if one of your bridesmaid is uncomfortable wearing a short robe. The decision between long and short robes can be based on the time of the year or your personal preference. Generally, choose longer robes during cooler months and shorter robes during warmer months. Lots of brides opt for the short robes, but a longer robe can still do the trick. Longer robes seem more glamorous and lot more comfortable if needed for modesty. However there’s a place for both short and long robes. You could ask each bridesmaid which length they’re comfortable with and decide the most appropriate one to buy

Storing your Robes

After the D-day, am sure you would like to continue using your robe. Even if it was bought specially for that particular day, it becomes a valuable addition to your closet and you can keep wearing it long after the whole celebration. When storing your robes, it is always best to hang them and tie the waist tie. Allow enough room for the full length of the robe to hang without dragging on the floor and enough space between hangers, this ensures the robe will not be crushed or wrinkled, saving on ironing and inspiring you to use your robe more. Use padded hangers which are strong enough to support the weight of your robe incase they’re a bit heavy. Plastic or wire hangers are not recommended. Popular wooden hangers may leave dents in the shoulders of some robes. Therefore, these are also not recommended. Make sure to consider the fabric the robe is made from, this will guide you on the proper way to store it. Delicate fabrics may be best hung in the wardrobe on a hanger.