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We all know the peacock has long fascinated mankind. With its array of colours and dynamism, it is only natural that people gaze in admiration when they are lucky enough to see one. The peacock represents benevolence, patience, kindness and compassion in some cultures and according to mythology, it symbolises royalty and good luck. Now you can change your fortunes too by owning our divine Peacock Robes and feel just as proud as the peacock. Be yourself and show your true colours with our choice of the 6 most elegant peacock robes.

1. Red Floral Robe, Red Robes, Maid of Honor Robe, Robes for Bridal Party, Wedding Robe

Picture yourself wearing this bright red floral peacock robe. It's going to make you feel romantic and look sensual. Perfect for the bride as a wedding robe, for bridesmaids or for the maid of honour. It's stylish and can be worn around the house. Whatever the purpose, if you’re friendly, approachable and self-reliant, this robe is what you need.

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